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At SOLA ONIONS GROUP we give priority to quality, food safety and a commitment to taking care of the environment to responsibly offer the best onion to our customers around the world. Starting from own production in the field, through handling and packaging, to final dispatch.

To achieve these goals, we have been cultivating the land for years in a sustainable way and under the criteria of the Leaf Marque Environmental Standard and the Global Standard for Good Agricultural Practices GLOBAL GAP.
We also carry out all handling and packaging processes under the BRC Global Standard and IFS Food Standards for quality management and food safety.

In 2020, the GRASP certification of social responsibility was also achieved, which shows the company’s commitment to compliance with business obligations in social and labour matters.

All these certifications are achieved thanks to the efforts of all the people who work at Sola Onions Group and who certify compliance with these high standards of demand, providing added value to our products and guaranteeing their quality.


Globalgap is a standard that covers the entire production process of the certified product and all subsequent agricultural activities, until the moment when the product is removed from the farm.


With this protocol it's confirmed that the product has been produced in a responsible manner with the environment. The LEAF Marque producers take care of the future of our environment, our fauna, our flora and our rural environment.


The BRC standard ensures the compliance of suppliers and the ability of retailers to ensure the quality and safety of the food products they sell.


Quality management and food safety.


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