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Our clients mark the way and type of packaging and we adapt ourselves to their needs.


We produce specific varieties specially designed for the peeling, depending on the final destination of the product.


We work with the best variety of red onion.


The purpose of Cebollas Sola s.a.l. is the production of the entire product we offer our customers, ensuring the quality of the onion to 100%.

Since the beginning of our company we have implemented a traceability system, which offers our customers complete product information, from source to sale.

Our customers can be sure we offer the final  consumer  all the guarantees of our agri-food products, as well as traceability system applied HACCP, a tool that aims to identify, evaluate and control risks, both health and hygiene, which are significant for food safety, both overall and in each of the phases of the food chain: production, processing, storage, transportation and marketing.

As result of  this effort we have been certified in food quality for several years by GLOBAL-GAP, TESCO NURTURE, LEAF MARQUE, BRC and IFS.

The type and form of packaging is marked by our customers, adapting to their needs.

Pre-packing, Export

Big-bag: 1,000 and 1.100 kg.


Different calibers sacks, export and domestic market

Bags: 15, 20 and 25 kg.


1 and 2 Kg.


Adapting to the needs of new markets, such as the 4th  range, some of our facilities have been adapted with a modern system of peeling, and a refrigerator for the storage of the product at a constant temperature of 2ºC once manipulated.

We produce specific varieties specially designed for the peeling, depending on the final destination of the product.

Plastic bags and heat sealed microperforated

Plastic bins


Our red or purple onion, also of our own cultivation, is similar in texture and flavour to the brown onion and although in colour and appearance the differences are notable, it is richer in antioxidants such as anthocyanin that gives it its characteristic colour and which is beneficial for the health of our heart, our memory and contributes to the delay in aging of our body.

As for its culinary use, and although the onion in general is an almost indispensable ingredient in our kitchen, the red onion tastes and feels us better for its raw consumption because of its mild flavour, freshness and less itching. It also aesthetically brings an attractive touch of colour to any dish.
We offer different types of packaging, adapting to the needs of our customers 


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