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Our History

Production came from the end 1980s when an active partner began with the activity.  After that, we started to manipulate the product and in 2006, the headquarters in modern premises began to be built.  Over the years we have grown in production, while expanding our facilities: we made our first enlargement in 2007.  We expanded again in 2011 and in 2013 the last expansion was made in the storage area. From 2015 to 2018, due to the increase in production in the field, several constructions have been made for the storage of the product, as well as a redistribution of the existing facilities, expanding the area destined to the deposit of finished product and incorporating an automatic packaging area .

We currently have 12,000 m² distributed, mainly in 4 areas:

  • Storage Area with a capacity of 15,000 tons
  • Handling Area
  • Expedition Zone
  • Cold Zone. Storage up to 500 tons

Currently, we grow 15,000 tons of onions in two ways: sowing and planting, obtaining a high quality product with all the guarantees for our customer’s agribusiness, supported by GLOBAL-GAP, TESCO NURTURE, LEAF MARQUE, BRC and IFS.

Each campaign we cultivate different varieties of onions: Medium Grain, Grain and long cycle, in addition to purple onions.

Our Company

SOLA ONIONS, S.L. has its origin in a family business located in the south of Navarre, in Fustiñana, which has been dedicated to the production, handling, packaging and sale of onions. It is a company with great experience in cultivation of this vegetable, working mostly with exports to UE countries.

The company has been identified by the mark Cebollas Sola, with high prestige in quality, mainly in the English, German and Portuguese market, ensuring our customers the great quality of the achieved product.

Our modern headquarters are prepared to storage 15,000 tons of onions, located in an area where the wind which comes from Bardenas Reales gets an optimised conservation for the product, without having to use artificial methods.

In 2018 we registered a 2nd brand “DAMA ONIONS


The purpose of CEBOLLAS SOLA S.A.L. is the production of the entire product we offer our customers, ensuring the quality of the onion to 100%.


Adapting to the needs of new markets, such as the 4th  range, some of our facilities have been adapted with a modern system of peeling.


Own production. Excellent quality in the cultivation of red onion.

Export Spirit

About three fourths of our activity goes dedicated to the export.

We work across our brands CEBOLLAS SOLA and DAMA ONIONS, internationally recognized as a guarantee of quality,  with countries as England, Germany, Portugal and Italy, adapting the requirements of our clients as for calibre, type and form of packaging.

Our way of working is across the incoterm EXW (in factory).

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